Important 1.5 Update: Please Read

Hello again to all you Retro Romancers!

We have an important update for you today regarding the 1.5 patch heading to Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers.

The update will be released on June 30, 2022, and will include several fixes including:

  • Fix for the Skip button during new playthroughs.
  • Several fixes for the Linux version.
  • Typos and misgendering errors addressed.
  • A Content Warning has been added to show prior to starting Chapter 6.

However, while testing, we have noticed that this update may cause players to lose their current Saved Games.

Most notably, the saves made during the choice menu, while a voice line/sound FX is playing, or when a notable visual effect (such as pop-up animation) is activated are among the affected.

To reduce the chance of experiencing any issues please save your game during a scene containing normal text dialogue prior to downloading the update. If you find you continue to have issues, re-install the previous version until you finish your playthrough.

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I bought my version of the game from Steam will it auto update next time I play/open the steam client or how does this work?


yes, the Steam version will automatically update. We have information over there about how you can roll back to the previous version if you have to. This shouldn't affect all saved game, just some, but if you have issues please read: