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Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers is the follow-up to 2019's Arcade Spirits, a visual novel of love and pixels, in which you seek friendship and romance while working in an arcade. Now the tables are turned, as you seek friendship and romance while PLAYING in an arcade!

In the distant future year 20XX, an alternate timeline where arcades never went away... you're an aspiring gamer searching for esports glory on the Fist of Discomfort 2 Pro Tour. Seeking a partner to play with, you join a team of players who hang out at Good Clean Fun, a combination pizzeria / laundromat / arcade. It's up to you to rally the team, learning more about who they are and how best to support their dreams along the way. Defeat rivals, conquer tournaments, build relationships, and uncover a strange arcade conspiracy as your team walks the road to victory!

Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers will be arriving in the future year 20XX. Keep an eye here or our Twitter for news and updates!

With these features you know and love from Arcade Spirits:

  • Six new characters to befriend and romance, as well as a few return appearances by series favorites.
  • Character art by Molly Nemecek, pulsating synthwave tunes by Greg Mirles, and amazing background art by Jessie Lam!
  • Measure your personality using Iris, your handy virtual assistant. You can be Kindly, Steady, Quirky, Gutsy, or Flexibly!
  • Date anyone you like regardless of your pronouns, or focus entirely on building friendships.

And NEW features to the series:

  • Import your decisions from Arcade Spirits, and reshape the world of 20XX based on the choices you've made! And if you haven't played the original game, that's fine – this works just as well as a standalone experience and will adapt itself to be a great fresh start.
  • A massively expanded character creator – choose body type, hairstyles, accessories, clothing, and more. Your custom character now appears on screen during the whole game!
  • Design your own rival! Using the full power of the character creator, craft the one who will stand in your way. Or will perhaps love bloom between these two enemies...?
  • Take on the world in Fist of Discomfort 2, a strategy minigame. Your victory or defeat changes the path of your story without ending it! (Minigame is skippable.)
  • Rebalanced personality choices, with more variety and more opportunities to talk to every character.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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The New Challengers (Demo for Windows) 333 MB
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Thanks so much for writing Arcade Spirits. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters and hanging out with the PC's found family. Some of the interactions were really thought provoking for me - made me consider how I'd deal with those situations in RL and hopefully I can come at them more compassionately now.

Love the writing so much. Thanks again.

Oh my goooooosh I am so excited for this! I loved Arcade Spirits so much, I can't wait to check out this sequel!

I adore this game and honestly it resonated with me a lot more than the first Arcade Spirits! Rhapsody my beloved <3 though tbh I have to admit my favorite route has to be the enemies to lovers with your rival haha


Fuuuh! Finally had the time to played and finished this game! T_T.

Spoiler- I guess?

Well, i didn't expect how it turned out in the final. And btw, the fact that we can have hostile relationship with the rival and they could still be romanced made me go ballistic (asdgjklddksjssjs). Like- the rival's personality made me torn between them and Domino and Zapper. In the entire of my gameplay, it was mostly my mind went 'Dang it go get a grip! You said you wanted to romance Domino or Zapper; WHY KEEP GOING BACK CHOOSING ThE RiVaL?!!'.

But thanks tho, hahaha. I enjoyed this a lot!. The drama and the conflict are surely more intense than the previous game, but it's nice. Like, really nice drama and problems; and not the kind where it's stomach-churning inducing to the point where i have to close the game. It's executed very smoothly and more than okay, and in fact, made me intrigued to finding out more.

Totally 11/10.

Love hunter and domino btw

Now I regret deleting the previous game after I finished it 😫 really looking forward to this though!!


Played the first one a couple years ago and loved. Just picked this up in the Games for Gaza bundle, and it's the first I played, It's a fantastic stand-alone or sequel game with so many beautiful, flawed, lovable characters, fun dialogue, and an exciting mystery at the heart. I also wanted to point out a couple things I haven't heard praised yet. 

  • The character creator. I hear what everybody's saying about the color and design being flatter than the NPCs, and that being distracting. Also though: not only do you have the ability to select from a wide variety of pronouns, you can also choose body types that I have literally never seen before in a game. I literally felt better about my own fat, trans body by the end of this game. Not only was I playing in  a similar body, I interacted with cool characters that I genuinely liked, and *they* admired and respected me (Zapper called me hot). Unique in my gaming exp. 
  • The consent model. The player has an opportunity to skip the minigames, and several opportunities to skip any romance. At the end of every single chapter, you get to edit your character (thankfully for me, because I chose a dumb last name not expecting to hear it again). And there's a dedicated CW page with several options of varied spoiling.  In a tech landscape of "update now" or "remind me later", I love the option to just say no. 
  • Character convos. Oftentimes there are multiple good choices; but sometimes there are options that just aren't appropriate. I appreciated being called out by both Domino and Jynx; I did and said unhelpful, and occasionally harmful things, and they were honest with me. It gave me a chance to reflect on how I would handle these (realistic) conversations in real life. 

tl;dr: all the other complements are well deserved. Other reasons to play are an actually inclusive character creator, choices in how you play the game, and realistic conversations that could actually make you kinder to yourself and others. 

Is the game fully voiced?


No, that would've cost us thousands and thousands of dollars. But it has voice for key emotional moments, introductions, finales, etc.

Hey, ouch!
Love this game. ❤️


Perfect sequel game. Not only does it just deliver *more* of Arcade Spirits, while slightly improving pretty much every aspect, it also references the previous game in just the right ways. (Just... keep in mind that the player character of this game is different from the first game, and giving them the same name might get confusing...) 

It also has 100% more laundromat and subway. 

I've been loving this game, but I think I've run into a bug. I'm currently on my second playthrough, reloading from around the time where you pick you partner for the first F0D2 match. I picked 'skip tutorial' and 'play minigames', but for some reason it put me on the path of the demo from the on? Hope it's patched soon


I finished my first playthrough and I'm very satisfied! I romanced Domino, of course. I can't turn down a cynical man wearing a crop top (or pizza on a bagel!).

I replayed the first Arcade Spirits right before New Challengers, and here are my takeaways. (No real spoilers).

- I LOVED seeing the original characters make guest appearances. I *geeked* when QueenBee and Hamza showed up. I also did not expect to see  our original character show up, too. The crossovers made this game very special for me.

- I really enjoyed the FoD2 mini-game!  It was great addition to New Challengers.

- All of the new characters were endearing, the art improved so much, and the voice acting was amazing! But I don't think the characters hit my heart as hard as the original crew did. I look forward to getting to know their stories better with more playthroughs.  Although I appreciated the attention given  to mental health. There is a real issue with the lack of concern for mental health in the gaming community, and it's often overlooked. Thanks for showing the spotlight!

- The ability to create your own character's appearance was a nice addition! However, having the ordinary-looking PC on screen next to the beautifully drawn NPCs was a little strange at first, but I got used to it. 

All in all, I give the game a solid 9/10.  The Arcade Spirits universe makes me very happy, and I hope that we get a third game!

I can't believe I only found out about this game last week! I knew of the original game when it came out, but I got to play this and it blew me away!

The endearing characters, the intricate story, the 80's aesthetic artstyle, the killer synth music, the great voice acting, it all got me immersed in this wonderful experience this game provided me

9/10, would recommend  to any visual novel fan!


Okay, I have finally, officially, played every route and seen every ending and won every prize, and can now offer up my final verdict. 

This game, like its predecessor, made me so happy. This one possibly even more so than the first, which is saying a LOT. The characters are just a tiny bit deeper, a little richer. I laughed myself absolutely sick, I got misty, I got thirsty, I d'awwed. This is both a feel good game and a feel EVERYTHING game. 

The aesthetics are gorgeous, I once again adore the art style for the sprites and the 80s neon vibe for the UI. The voice acting is excellent across the board.

I just finished my last route (Locksley, during which I did most of the laughing myself sick part. Dear god, that DATE. That LAST CG!) twenty minutes ago, and I'm already feeling sad that I've finished with this world and these characters once again. I may play Domino's route a third time just so I can delay being done for just a little longer. 

Thank you so much for these games. They EXACTLY hit my precise tastes and needs in a romance game. I look forward to whatever comes next from you. 


hey there! love the game and its rich characters and relationships. i really enjoy the vulnerability we see from the male characters and the fact that our personalities have such a deep influence on our outcomes.

one issue i found is a pronoun mixup where she/her pronouns were used despite my MC using they/them pronouns 


in level 7, where locksley is talking about taking mc out to the bar, he says, "Zapper's plan was to skip practice, and lure MC to *her* favorite bar. Neutral ground, away from Good Clean Fun..." pretty jarring and unfortunate when the rest of the game was doing such a good job of not messing up pronouns. hope you can fix it

is it possible that "her" was referring to zapper? as in zapper's favorite bar, as opposed to mc's?


i hadn't thought about it that way! if that's how it's meant, that makes me feel better. i guess we'll see in future updates! 

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Is there a preferred way to make a bug report other than posting here? The Linux version currently fails to launch for me.

Edit: Patched and running fine! Thank you for supporting Linux!


I know this has been reported, however; the skip button is not functional. I would consider this a game-breaking bug, as it is an essential feature in a visual novel.

I loved the first game, though the characters in the game seem to lack dimension. Most of the characters have more layers than being 'quirky', 'grumpy', 'good-person', but difficult get the full scope of their character without sacrificing time with others. If this were a traditional romance game (not that it has to be!), that would be okay. Ultimately, I do think the game is worth the price, as the production value is high. The skipping needs to be fixed before I recommend a purchase.


I enjoyed playing Domino's route, my little rat man


I favorites

There's a pronoun mixup in LVL 7 - spoilers below!!
When Rhapsody interviews your rival, the rival refers to your player character using the rival's pronouns.


Amazing game! There is so much variety with each play through I kept encountering something new and I had so much fun playing! Thank you for making this


Vengo a exterminar a las abuelas de todo el mundo para que no haya que pagar más jubilaciones💪🥵


idk kinda weird

Question, where would the necessary save data for the original Arcade Spirits have been, and where would it need to be, in order to have New Challengers detect and import it? I got some upgrades and a new hard drive in between playing the first game and the second one, and my old installation and save files are on the old drive. Not a huge deal, I'm still having fun, but it'd be neat to see what happens when my old save carries over.

The directories you'll want to copy are named "persistent" and "Arcade Spirits-1487458431".

  • Windows: These directories are located in %APPDATA%\RenPy or C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\RenPy
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/RenPy
  • Linux/Other: ~/.renpy

Hmm. I think I've copied everything over from the old C drive to the new C drive, but it doesn't seem to be making a difference when I launch New Challengers or start a new run. I did play three playthroughs (Rhapsody, Domino, and Zapper, all excellent, by the way) BEFORE I decided to try to figure this out, could that be messing things up somehow? Or could it be that New Challengers is installed through the itch app, whereas back when I played Arcade Spirits classic I did it as a separate download and standalone install?

If it did work, what would I be seeing differently?

For the record, this is a minor thing if we can't get it working, I'm still having a great time. I'm just seeing some folks on tumblr mentioning moments with the tie ins to game one and now I'm belatedly curious about what those are like. ^^;

OKAY I think I've got it working though I'm not sure exactly which step made the difference. I ended up doing an entirely new download and install of Arcade Spirits 1 via the itch app, loading up one of my old saves that was near the ending (because I DID transfer all the old saves into the new RenPy directory on the new C drive) and re-exporting at the end of the credits when prompted. THIS time, when I loaded up New Challengers again and started a new run, Iris asked me if I wanted to import. So hopefully I'm good to go! YAY!


Is there no option to pay with cards, only Paypal? I understand the game is available on Steam as well, but I tend to keep all my VN purchases to Itch, but I don't use Paypal.


That's outside of our control. We just upload the files to itchio -- itchio handles payment systems themselves.

Show post...

make a paypal acc and link your card to that acc, it pretty simple


Love the game, on second playthrough. Skip button worked at first, but eventually stopped (I forget exactly when, but it was somewhere in the first level). Playing the Itch version, just so you know.


having the same issue with the steam version! it's after the map of GCF appears for the first time


Yeah, we're planning a patch for this and other issues in the weeks ahead. Thanks!


This game is a fantastic and worthy sequel to the original. Loved the new cast and the increased focus on worldbuilding was delightful! Definitely felt like there were a lot more routes and meaningful choices scattered throughout the game as well.

I should note that I did encounter one odd glitch though: During the moment where Iris was informing me of who I am most likely to be able to woo, Iris told me I had good odds with Jynx, Zapper, and Grace, only for my character to reply asking why Grace or Jynx weren't on her selection? The actual romance route still worked fine, but that interaction did take me out of the experience in a fairly major moment.


This is a great game, just a heads up though: there seems to be several pronoun bugs scattered throughout the game. I play as a he/him character with a she/her rival, and my character has several times been referred to as "her", with my rival as "him". This seems to be here and there, and locksley has called my character lady at least once from what i can remember

The Locksley one is on our list of things to fix, but if you can indicate any other lines, please reach out to me at stefangagne@gmail.com and I'll fix them. Thanks!

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It's here! It's here! It's fina-lully here! :D


I enjoyed the first game a lot, played it quite a few times, and after playing the demo, I'm looking forward to what this one has to offer! My favorites so far are Rhapsody and Locksley, and Grace is just really cute! I look forward to seeing more from all of the other characters too.


This game is really charming but I agree with the last two posts talking about the MC/rival, I really hope in the future there will be more  depth to them so they can blend in. It's really immersion breaking, like bad, but I understand it's probably a lot more difficult to treat the customizable characters the same way as the npcs.

I'm a huge fan  of the nose and body selection in this game! Part of me wishes there was a bit more (like maybe eye selection or general face selection), but that might also stem from me only seeing the flat MC/rival. I understand this is also only a demo, but I'm sure you guys are putting in a lot of hard work and love for this game and I want to see more :)

(1 edit) (+10)

I have the same opinion as Opellulo and romanoi who commented long before me: the main character... How should I put it? I'm sorry to say this and really hope it won't hurt anyone's feelings...

The MC looks flat. The colors on them, especially skintone and hair color, looks like it's painted with a single color (plus another color for the shadowed area) on a separate picture, then cut out and pasted on top of a far more detailed art. It's so out of place when standing next to other characters with realistic-looking skintone and highlighted hair. It's jarring and sad.

I enjoyed Arcade Spirits and didn't mind the MC much back then, because they rarely appears on screen. Maybe it's just because Magical Diary made me got used to MC sprite that looks like they belong with the main cast. Anyway, I'm sure it must be hard and costly to design a customizable sprite. My only hope is that maybe there can be an option to turn off the MC sprite so that they doesn't always appear on screen.


I really liked Arcade Spirits and will look forward to this! My only note from the demo is that the "generic looking" main character is a bit at odd with the richly designed other characters.
I mean, I get that it was impossible to do otherwise but in AS the main character was shown only briefly, if in this it's going to be on screen that often it will look a bit uncanny.


Absolutely loved the demo! I hadn't checked in on this game in months, so I was stoked when I saw it lmao. I'm LOVING the setup and characters so far, and I really appreciate the new customization options. Definitely looking forward to when the full game comes out and I can romance Jynx lmao. Also, the voice acting, art and soundtrack are all great.

From what I've seen, this game's going to be just as much fun as the first one.

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It is AWESOME. I loved the demo. Can't wait for 2022


This was awesome! I totally loved the first game-- in fact, I've been thinking about doing another run for when I start streaming! I do have some feedback though, if you'll take it.

I love the characters! They're fun, funky and fresh. The art style is consistent from the last game, and I enjoy the different personalities and the addition of neo-pronouns? Marvelous!

The main feedback I have is color choices, for clothes and the like, which is the same as the first game, but they're all really saturated and completely make the MC feel like it's outside of the game, not within it. The other thing was the face shape. If it was possible to change the face shape, that'd be great! The face shape feels weird with some of the face shapes on the bodies they're attached too. There's nothing wrong with them, per se, but it may be best to have more of an option within that.

Otherwise, I'm extremely excited for this game to come out and I'm going to buy it the moment it does! I'm quite happy with this and I just know the first person to be romanced is going to be Domino,


The demo is fantastic; the mini game is quite fun, and the character creator is greatly improved. Looking forward to flirting with Grace, Rhapsody, and my rival, as well.

Just wanted to let you know that on the main page here when I click the link to go to the original Arcade Spirits page I get the following error:

"Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at webmaster@arcadespirits.stefangagne.com to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

The page loads if I go to it any other way than the link.


can i romance Hunter? i'm a suker for enemies to lovers trope....


Will there be full voice acting?

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