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Deleted 2 years ago

No, I'm pretty sure lets you buy directly with a credit card without needing paypal.

You are correct that allows payment by credit card in this case maixot is correct. When you click on the Buy Now Link the only option is paypal. Normally there is the option of "Pay By Card" but it's not there. I'm not sure why. May have to reach out to support staff to have it fixed.

The absolute best visual novel I've ever played. Every character is well written and interesting. It contains the most impactful depiction of mental illness I've experienced in any artistic medium. I cannot recommend this game enough, even if visual novels aren't normally your cup of tea.


I absolutely love this game, I came across it thanks to the links with Loading Ready Run. Watching on Now Kiss pushed me to buy it as I loved the humour and characters and wanted to experience it myself. I love the choices when making my character, and the option for romance vs friendship. 

Definitely recommend this to everyone because it's wonderful. 

Hands down one  of the best written Visual Novels I've ever played. I felt connected to each and every character; I was with them through their ups and downs. It's the perfect balance of realism to fantasy: it keeps you engaged while still allowing for fun plot points. Every character is an individual, unique in their own right. The player character, too, is amazing. Each playthrough is unique and captivating, allowing for a lot of replayability. The art  is stunning, and the little animations added to both the characters and the backgrounds are truly the icing on the cake.

I cannot stress how highly I recommend this game. I can say, without a doubt, it is worth every single penny spent. It is, of course, not perfect, but it's pretty damn close. There are a couple of grammatical errors here and there, and the character customization is a bit limited in regards to facial features and body types, but those are incredibly minor gripes.

I really, really hope there's more to come from this wonderful studio. (Like, perhaps, a wedding scene? Hint, hint, wink, wink) But above all, I'd like to thank the wonderful people who put so much love into this game. Your hard work and dedication show in how fantastic every facet of your game is, from the tiniest details to the biggest CGs. You are incredibly gifted storytellers, artists, and coders. So, from me to you, thank you  so much for sharing this piece of art you've created. And most of all, keep on truckin'.

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Enjoying the game so far, but just want to report a bug I've found - seems that the script hits an exception during the date with Naomi on Level 5 if you're using 'they' pronouns. You can skip past it and keep playing but I thought I should report it somewhere!

EDIT: Another quick thing I noticed - unsure if it's only while romancing her, but when you talk to QueenBee to back you up during Level 6, her jacket changes back to the L7 jacket halfway through the dialogue.


Thank you! We'll look into those.

enjoyed stream today, make me want to play it more,  all ready pre-ordered game.

Definitely a great game! Can't wait for the full version! At least the wait won't be so long at this point.

I loved the characters and their sillyness at some points, and also the whole scoring and personality system, though I'm wondering if the score will affect the ending or some other things. I also can't help but notice the game has "7 romanceable characters", but it seems there are only 6, which means secret character. Nice!

Teo is definitely my favorite of the bunch, though Ashley isn't far behind.  They're so lovely.

I have only one complaint about the game - the fact that right-clicking the mouse doesn't bring up and close the save menu as with most visual novels. It bugs me to no end and I always right click before realizing it doesn't work. I also wish I could save during all choices - I always save at each choice, so I can check various outcomes of my actions and also they serve as checkpoints, since I like to re-read parts of routes I liked, and having a save at a choice helps me with knowing that's the right moment in the game. Not to mention not having a scroll back option prevents me from easily going back before  the choice to save at that point. I mean, can understand the desire not to let people save at choices, but I'd really like to be able to open and close the save menu with a right click at least.

Other than that, I really have nothing to complain about with this game - it's really great!

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You can save at choices -- hit the Escape key to pull up the menu. I do this often, myself! As for right click we found it was a problem for folks less familiar with Renpy's default contro mapping, that they'd hit it accidentally and get pulled out of the game. We can look into a way to allow the user to change the mapping to whatever they want, though. Thanks!

EDIT: As for scrollback -- we intentionally left that out so your choices matter, but it IS unlocked after one complete playthrough of the game. Or if you enter a cheat code. :)

Well, I needed the scrollback only because I couldn't save at choices. I think it's the first time I play a VN where you have to hit Escape in order to do so - couldn't have guessed XD


wow! i love the style and the whole idea of this game! i'm totally coming back in feb. to play the full version!!


this game is so awesome and cool i love it


Just played the demo and instantly fell in love!, The music, writing, and art is so amazing and I absolutely love Naomi!!!!!!! So hyped for the full release  

Thumbs Up Parrot

Thumbs Up Parrot

Thumbs Up Parrot


Cool game! Im looking forward to play full game. Interesting  colorfull characters. Customization is nice feature, though i wish  there would be more options.  Maybe for example chance to change face shape or clothes.

I loved this so much!!! Can't wait to play the full game. Also love the customization especially being able to use they/them pronouns

loved playing this naomi is waify material x


Anybody know where I can throw money at this and produce a game? No seriously though, I love this demo and I really would love to play this!

Beside the obvious nostalgic ambiance from the graphics and BGM, it has all that good rom-com potential : warm work and social environment with unique but also down to earth characters, absurd to hilarious turns of event, and of course the air of romance xD

I uploaded an LP for this game! I loved it a lot, my only thing would be maybe you could make more hairstyles, body types, etc. for the playable character. Besides that I had an absolute amazing time playing it and I will definetly be on the lookout for the finished product!

Thanks so much for the Let's Play! Unfortunately due to the number of customizable CG event scenes where your character appears, we couldn't go hog wild on hair and clothing -- it'd balloon our budget. This is something we're going to be taking into account if we get to make a sequel, though.

Oh, I didn't think of that! That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my comment!

I really love this game! I love Teo and percy <3 I can't Wait for the full game :D

That demo and characters was amazing!! I can´t wait for the whole game, good luck with the project! 

Any news? ^^

Still on track to release the full game in Q1 2019! We'll update everyone who's following the game here on itch when it's ready to roll. If you'd like to follow weekly developer blog updates check out or !

Fantastic demo :D Now just waiting for a full version and I've a feeling it's gonna be epic :D

This was so short yet fantastic! I can't wait for the whole game to come out, I honestly will be on the lookout to get it as soon as it's released!

This is really a very cool game, I really enjoyed the demo. The design of the characters is really beautiful, & I really love their personalities too. I'm excited to play the full game when it's out :)

really awesome demo <3 looking forward to the full game! ^_^

That demo was amazing! I can't wait to play the rest of this game!!

The demo was incredible! Wonderful art and a really interesting concept. I especially liked the points system for our relationships with each character and our own personality. Can't wait to see the finished product!

I very much enjoyed this! The characters seemed interesting and I really appreciate the way you can make your personality to fit your own, which isn't something most games Ive seen do. I like how the choices you make actually seem to affect the gameplay such as I didn't help Ashley and Naomi(?) so Ashleys costume had icing in it and they actually acknowledge Hey you didn't do this. One thing I would like to see is perhaps even more personalization for the appearance of the character like varying eye and nose shapes, body types, outfits, even maybe like a female option so that the body on the character seems more feminine. It seems like selecting the pronoun "she" option does very little to really distinguish the character from male or female which makes sense if the character is just a they but if you have the option to choose what gender you identify as, noticeable changes in the actual character would be nice. I really love this game though and am very excited for the full release and any further demos! Much love!!

has there been an announced full release date?

Not a specific one! We're targeting Q1 2019.

I'm already so in love with this! ^_^ Just playing the demo was fun :D The characters are varied and interesting, and I wish I could have learned more about them. Their portraits and the art overall is wonderful, loved the neon feel of things. I also really liked how you've handled choosing the player character appearance and pronoun, and the different dialogue options that change your charater. The music is just what I love too :D

This looks to be a very interesting and fun game, looking forward to the full release! ^_^

WOWOW I will be ITCHing for this to come out.  (I'm sorry i had to give it to 'em) 

All jokes aside, this game is thus far beautifully designed, very well written, and I just am already in love and I can't wait to see the full product. I'm also confused about the point system but It's a confusion that renders me excited versus put off (or something of the sort). Ah!! I really can't wait this demo was awesome. 

AAAHH!! I can't wait to play the full version! I'd for sure make a let's play for the full game!

I really loved this game! I cannot wait until the full version comes out

Loved it.  Can't wait for the full version

Honestly, I never leave comments, but this is a fantastic game. I love the diversity of the characters, genuine responses the character can give and that use of neon! I love neon! Can't wait to see the full version. By the way, the digital personal assistant is adorable. 


I love this game so far. The artstyle is fantastic and I like the difference and diversity between characters. I particularly liked how in the character creation the player got to choose their own pronouns! Looking forward to more of this  game!

Amazing job so far! The  concept is really unique, the art is amazing, and the characters are really lovable. So far, Queen B is my favorite but they're all great! I'm excited to play the full game! 

Wonderful :)

I'm really looking forward to playing the full game! I love the music, art and concept ^^

Nice demo,  great arts and design your own character is awesome. Looking forward to it

This game is really fun, and I can't wait to play the finished product. 

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