Arcade Spirits v1.5

This update provides general housekeeping for bugs and typos, and introduces an extensive new system to make the game more accessible to visually impaired players.

- Many, many typos fixed. Long time coming!

- A few obscure bugs fixed.
- Some sound effects are quieter, to be less blaring.
- Game engine updated to a more modern version of RenPy.
- Completionist ending updated.

For visually imparied players, we have improvements to our audio-only mode! To activate, press the V key on your keyboard while on the main menu. This is a beta test of this feature, so your feedback is welcome. With this turned on before you start the game, you'll get access to these features:

- Rollback is automatically unlocked and activated if you start a game using self-voicing.
- Additional accessibility-related tutorials are added to the start of the game.
- On-screen images or animations not already described in the text are now described properly.
- Images in text such as icons or symbols are now voiced correctly.
- The character creator is streamlined, to make entering name and pronoun easier.
- If you're streaming the game, sighted players can still see the visuals as you play.

(Note that the DEMO of the game does not yet have these features, just the full game.)

All of this is to bring the game up to speed with the upcoming game console release, coming to Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, and XBox One. And stick around in 2020, when we'll be announcing our next game project, currently code named "Next Fiasco." Great stuff is on the horizon!


Arcade Spirits (Windows) 394 MB
Dec 26, 2019
Arcade Spirits (Mac) 393 MB
Dec 26, 2019
Arcade Spirits (Linux) 398 MB
Dec 26, 2019

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