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It's a world of heroes and villains, masks and capes, and Penny Larceny -- grifter, con artist, catburglar -- is barely scraping by. Life's hard for a young mask trying to make it big, but now she's gained access to Crimr, the gig-economy service for henchpersons looking to help supervillains with their evil, evil schemes! Guide Penny through her new career, pull off daring heists, and unravel the conspiracies which allow the rich and powerful to maintain their profitable status quo.


  • A Gigaverse of Timelines: With multiple paths and endings, every playthrough is a new adventure. Will you save the world, or will you rule over it?
  • Play Your Way: The power's in your hands -- choose your own pronouns, your sneaky alias, comfortable naughtiness levels, and even whether you want romance or not! Accessibility options abound as well, including OpenDyslexia fonts and text-to-speech for visual impairment.
  • The Rogue's Gallery: From your allies to your enemies, meet a diverse cast spanning good to evil and all between. Forge friendships and realize relationships!
  • Pet a Cat and/or Destroy Capitalism: I mean, you'll probably do at least one of those things.

Join Penny in planning and executing daring heists across the city, and navigate the intricate web of alliances and betrayals that makes up the criminal underworld. With snappy comic book artwork, a swinging soundtrack of electro-jazz and a multiverse-spanning storyline of victories and disasters, Penny Larceny is a must-play for visual novel fans. Are you ready to embark on the heist of a lifetime?


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Penny Larceny (Windows) 381 MB
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Penny Larceny (Linux) 373 MB

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Penny Larceny Demo (Windows) 196 MB
Penny Larceny Demo (Mac) 201 MB
Penny Larceny Demo (Linux) 188 MB

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does this as well as arcade spirits have any romance or adult content?


All three games have OPTIONAL romance -- you don't need to engage with it and can in fact turn it off. Penny Larceny has adult content in the form of dialogue and implied sex but you also can turn that off if you don't want it.

Will Penny Larceny  be available on xbox like the arcade spirits games as well


We don't have plans at this time -- publishing to the consoles costs money and Penny isn't even 10% towards breaking even. If that changes in the future, we'll consider it.


Finished playing the game yesterday, and it's been running through my brain since. This was fun, funny, charming, and a delightful romp through superhero and heist tropes. The joke about the rampant face blindness never got old (while still being frustrating DANGIT PENNY) and the true ending was wonderfully satisfying. Almost too satisfying, honestly. This is one of those rare games I'm actually hesitant to replay, because it feels like my original playthrough was so real and impactful that revisiting it would break something. Certain kinds of metafiction do that to me, I think (I felt the same way about OneShot). I hope I can get over it in this case, though, because there's still stuff I haven't seen and want to revisit. I want to know how the dialogue changes when I do certain capers for Doctor Mayhem instead of Overmistress! I want to figure out how to get five stars on every caper!

Also the soundtrack was a banger and I had it playing on spotify today while I was at work. 

Another excellent game from you guys. I hope there'll be many many more, because I WILL keep playing them.

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That was an amazing demo. What a great concept, and a banger of a soundtrack! I'm looking forward to playing the full game (and hopefully downloading the OST too~)

Update: Yeah that was an amazing game, well worth a buy. So well-written, so artful, so much fun. The twists and turns had me enthralled. More please!

The end song is a complete banger and the fact Penny acknowledges you makes you feel that much more involved in the story. Well-written characters and humorous dialogue with enthralling storytelling keep you wanting more. This is definitely one to watch for!