Demo Version 1.2 Released!

We've updated our free demo! The basic story is the same, but we've brought some of the art and music up to speed with new assets.


  • Everybody has arm poses to match their facial expressions now, not just Naomi!
  • When Teo's dancing, Teo's DANCING.
  • Naomi can face away from you.
  • Gavin can look at his tablet PC.
  • Art for the Angry Parent improved.


  • Normalized music audio. Should be less jumps in volume.
  • Changed final song of the demo.


  • Reworded the 'pick a problem to solve' interaction, to encourage more variety in play. (Most players skipped the crying girl, so we emphasized her and de-emphasized the angry parent a little.)


Arcade Spirits (Demo for Windows) 79 MB
Jun 18, 2018
Arcade Spirits (Demo for Linux) 84 MB
Jun 18, 2018
Arcade Spirits (Demo for Mac) 78 MB
Jun 18, 2018

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